Year one complete!

All the papers are turned in, my Old Testament exam is in the stack for grading, and I am still not sure what all this seminary “thing” means. More contemplation soon. First, some thanks. It’s been a wonderful year that I could not have completed without the support of my wonderful wife and the understanding of my workplace. Thank you. Thank you to all the professors and staff at Candler. They are great. And thank you to everyone who listened to my self-obsessed ramblings and/or expressed their support.

Big Bang TheoryAs for the contemplation, that will wait for a a day or two. Right now, I have a young son to catch up with and a lot of DVR’ed episodes of Big Band Theory to catch up on. But I am (publicly) committing to a weekly updates here,   {edit: yeah, that never happened…} explaining what (if/when) I’ve figured out about this whole “meaning thing.