Why should we talk about what we believe?

Many BelieffsThis question popped into my head this morning. People do talk about what they believe. But is this a good idea?

Our actions are based upon our beliefs, both ordinary/everyday and religious beliefs. We move to sit in a chair on  the  belief that it will support our weight. We get married with a belief that our spouse will fulfill some expectations (which, in turn are potent beliefs). People  kill  and  are killed  over beliefs.  Presupposition can lead to great suffering. So, what we believe is important.

But why should we talk about our beliefs?

I don’t have the answer. An easier question would be: “What do we gain from such discussions?” We connect with others who share our views and pass on our “wisdom,” but I assert that we mostly try to reassure ourselves that our beliefs are valid and represent the “Truth.” If you can sway another person to adopt your belief, it must be correct. Right?

I have noticed a few times when I have stated some belief that the reaction from the listener was not beneficial to our relationship. I am sure I have reacted similarly. While I am practicing staying consciously engaged, I don’t yet have the insight to always know when it is appropriate to engage in such discourse. Perhaps less (or none) is wiser.

Yeah. I believe you should believe what I write here, to give me some validation. “And that’s all I have to say about that,”  to quote Forest Gump.