Time, Family, Research, Understanding

Even though the COVID-19 Pandemic has eliminated some activities, such as waiting for the school bus and commuting to work, it is still necessary to make time for important leisure activities. We do manage several family walks per week (every day, some weeks), and we have made good use of our previously rarely-used projector for Friday Family Movie Nights.

But even better, I have had time to pursue even more of my love of genealogical research. For the past several years, I have been putting everything I can find on

This exercise of family historical exploration helps me to understand my parents much better and gives me deeper insight into who I am (and why I am as I am!).

My Father published The Gooch Family newsletter for many years in the early 1990s, literally copying and pasting information that was mailed out to his subscriber base. I think subscriptions covered the cost of paper and postage, however it was clearly a labor of love. There are still a bit more than one of the three file cabinets on records for me to finish going through… People sent him lots of information and questions. He did a wonderful job of including most of that correspondence back out in the newsletter.

So, I’m finishing digitizing my Father’s files and the oral histories he recorded, posting the 180 photos I took in April 2017 of Utoy Cemetery, and generally catching up on this obsession of mine!

I hear of people having a hard time finding things to do during the pandemic, and it is hard on the mental health of many, yet I am blessed to have this time. I love research and family!

I’m even starting a little semi-retirement venture: – have a look (and hire me!)