Still stuck on an energy idea…

I am very intrigued with physics. I deeply admire people who have the patience and skill to explain physics to me (rest in peace, Stephen Hawking).

With limited time to research wild ideas, (aka unencumbered by the thought process…) I still wonder how creation happened.

In the Big Bang, all that we know of the universe appeared in a singularity – from where is the mystery. It was an amazingly hot spot. Now, since matter is not nearly as solid as we think (e.g. neutrinos miss you as they whiz through you), taking out all the space would leave a tiny clump of very dense matter. But the whole universe in a tiny glob? Wow!

What if there was no matter at first? What if it was simply energy? What mechanism would trigger it to become matter?

I mused about this in an earlier post, and still have no answer or time to research… I’m thinking someone more knowledgeable had already debunked my ideas….?