Seek Serendipity

William H. Foege says:

“Seek serendipity. We often think of serendipity as a random good fortune, but   the origin involves three princes and  SarandÄ«b, the Persian name for  Ceylon, now  Sri Lanka. A professor at Emory, Marion  Creekmore was once ambassador to Sri  Lanka or  SarandÄ«b and the original story tells about a lost camel and how these  three men, finding small clues that other  people missed, figured out where that  camel was. Today this would be the  equivalent of reading a Sherlock Holmes  story. I think this is the ability  comedians have, to see things that we  don’t see until they say it. Then  suddenly we realize they’re funny. We’re told that this can be learned, by being  in the moment and actually looking for  connections. Henry David Thoreau said, ‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see’.”