Responding to Islamophobia

Thank you for the wonderful participation at the first session of this workshop! We will wrap up with more discussion and role-play exercises on October 30, 11:30-12:30, at Northwest.

Since this workshop concentrates on the emotional aspects of this issue, I have prepared a ten-page background document that has some information about Islam that may be helpful. Please take the time to read it before we meet – it will answer many questions that we otherwise will not have time to address.

We are visiting Masjid Uthman Friday, October 21, 1:30 ~ 3pm. We will observe a Jum’ah service and participate in their visitor orientation afterwards. I am asking everyone to dress modestly out of respect. If there are any questions, please contact me, Earl Daniels – leave message at 404-681-2131 or call cell number available via  OnRealm.

The address is  1 Dunwoody Park S #250, Atlanta, GA 30338 – Google map to the Masjid.

The entrance is on the back side of the building away from I-285. Because the parking lot is shared with other tenants in the building, visitors are asked to park along the outside edges of the parking lot (see photo below). For directions and parking details, also see

parking along outer edges of parking lot