Packrats – pods and people…

PackRat podI have a Packrat pod sitting in the driveway of my new home. The folks who named this company as they did took a big leap of faith that people would either embrace their inner packrat or be in complete denial of the connection between their material collecting habits and the behavior of certain small, furry mammals.

I spent a long, hot, sweaty weekend building shelves all down one side of the garage to hold many of my packrat items. I called to schedule the pick-up of the hopefully-soon-to-be-empty pod, and the only pickup day to avoid another month’s rent is Wednesday… 2 days from now! Not Friday or Monday as I had planned. Panic time! So much for sorting and finishing the organization it all as it emerges from the pod.

There is undoubtedly a lesson here in this situation. My wife is being most gracious amidst her low tolerance to chaos. She has revealed her well-founded skepticism in her exclamation of how organized the new (still half-empty) shelves are. But the lesson? That will need to wait until after I get the pod unloaded!