One year since I “went” to work…

Today marks one year from the last day I went to work in an office.

Like most people, it has been a weird year. Starting with a stripped-bare produce section at Aldi (video below )

It has, however, been a better year than the previous one. The year 2019 was my worst year yet.

And at least this last year was not spent working in another state away from my family. I’ve been available for my son – remote school and all!

We didn’t starve, in fact we’ve eaten (perhaps too) well!

We didn’t run out of toilet paper!

And we are most fortunate to have not (yet) lost any close family members, like so many hundreds of thousands of other families.

The death toll could have been much lower, should have been much lower. Sad.

May we remember our blessings…

Blessings that my biggest problem was an empty produce section…