One semester down…

So, I’ve finished my first semester at Candler. Did not manage to make any school-related posts all semester, and only one son-related post.

I composed a lament to post on Facebook, but changed my mind, as I am really blessed to be at Candler.

  • My family has been very supportive.
  • Folks at work have been super understanding.
  • I *probably* passed all my classes.
  • Next semester will be better.  Much better.

Even so, I could not just delete that “woe is me” Facebook post, so I post it here instead:

Status:Before this semester ended, next semester has started. Ten minutes into my last exam (which didn’t go very well), the syllabus for my J-mester class (Jan 2-11, 10-3:30pm) shows up via e-mail… 4 required monographs, 2 journal articles, 7 recommended monographs, 4 papers including an observation report for three weeks’ visit to immigrant church…

Now I just have to find an “immigrant church.” Not complaining! Just saying… smilie