How lost and scared…?

How lost and scared to you need to be to see a politician as a savior? Many people state a dissatisfaction with politicians. Could it be that the dissatisfaction is with some bigger part of life, such as feeling left behind by the educational or economic systems, and the expectation that a particular politician can “fix” this is what leads to the discontent?

We have a great (not perfect!) political system, but  our political system could serve us better. I understand that reconciling our differences is not easy. But for someone to place their salvation in a politician indicates a level of fear or uncertainty that is truly sad.

How lost and scared must you be to see Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton as the “one” who will “save”  you? I have heard *many* times that Trump will “make America great again” as though it takes one person to rectify our problems. (While we still have room to grow, as #BlackLivesMatter shows, we have never been greater that we are right now, in my opinion).

We must love anyone who is that lost or scared. We must understand their fear. Love is a vital part of the path to salvation.