Hating the haters?

It is sad to hear news reports of protesters and Trump supporters clashing in Chicago. News for everyone, “great” people do not participate in fist fights.   “Professional” people do not start attacks. “These people” are not destroying the country, and “those people” are not making the country great. We are arbitrarily diving people into “us” and “them” and fomenting hate and violence. We must return to the pacifist principles of Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King, Jr., and their many followers.

So how does hating the haters fix anything?

Jesus preached Love.

We cannot “hate the sin.”

Hate degrades the Soul.

It is time to spread Love. Even for political opponents. Americans must come together. Many people are conducting themselves very peacefully, but there is a minority that really need to be loved.

We are all humans, children of God. We all deserve love.