Comfort with uncertainty… the journey continues

Candler School of Theology admissionsHave scheduled my first semester at Candler… long days in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with four hours per week of field work yet to be scheduled (Candler gets you “hands on” right from the start!).

While the course of study and registration process seemed a bit daunting at first, it went fairly well in the end. Kudos to the Candler folks who devise the schedule!

Thus begins an interesting phase in my journey! The nurturing and challenging environment at Candler is really needed at this point of my life. It took me a long time to muster the courage to go to seminary. I had to come to a point of comfort with all the uncertainty that I am growing to embrace. I am truly grateful for the many people, known and unknown, who, intentionally or inadvertently, helped me get to this point.

It is good to know of the many other people joining me on this journey, as fellow travelers, as spectators, and cheerleaders, as water-bearers… even the potholes and bumps are important parts of this journey. I particularly appreciate NyKi, even though I don’t think she’s nearly as impressed as I sometimes wish her to be!

My success will be measured in the listen/argue ratio, the AHA! moments, the reflections of and by me. But even in this, uncertainty rules…