Connecting with Gooch kin

Zura Gooch Todd with first child Eddie Mae Todd

My maternal grandmother was born Zura Mae Gooch (1905-1997), daughter of “Wash” and Julie, great granddaughter of the local legend Tillman Gooch (1798-~1860?) My post about attending last year’s 84h Annual Gooch Reunion received attention from at least three relatives who have never attended. I’m expecting at least two of them there this year! As …

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Fake “Facts”

Let Go

I am part of an online group where one of the assignments is a podcast episode Seeing White, Episode 8: Skulls and Skin. This podcast explores the use of scientific facts to support racist ideas. We see too many examples of the distorted use of “facts” to support narrow and harmful perspectives, to “prove” that …

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A visit to Hazzard Hill

Hazzard Hill Cemetery, Waycross, Georgia

I had a great visit to the Hazzard Hill Cemetery in Waycross, Georgia, on the day before “Independence Day.” I went to find the grave of Della Doe – someone who is a stranger with no close known connection – more on this after I complete my research and documentation. Two gentlemen were very gracious …

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A new social media platform, promising no ads and no data mining. Sounds cool. Will be looking a bit more at their business model. Snagged a short URL with just my first name. Guess that’s not bad… UPDATE: Appears to be a bit of controversy about the founder – not sure that makes this a …

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Bay County UU Hurricane damage

The effects of Hurricane Michael are still being felt by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bay County. Their Religious Education Buildings are still unusable. Please help them rebuild! You can do your part with just a few bucks! https://faithify.org/projects/hurricane-michael-rebuild-relief-campaign/

Rainy day: gray or white?

Upon opening the curtains this morning, son exclaims “raining.” I “affirmed” his observation with “yes, it’s gray.” He immediately corrected me, “it’s white!” The sky was quite bright. Such a light shade of gray that it was more appropriately considered white. It’s a matter of perspective. He has such a joy for each day that …

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Goodbye College of Law

Ten years ago, the College of Law at Georgia State University  trusted me with their web presence. We have all grown since then, the College, the web sites, and especially, me. The College is a great place and dispels all the  (mostly) undeserved jokes about lawyers. It was great to be part of the good …

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