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Voting research

Brittany Griffin for Fulton School Board District 2

I really love BallotPedia for researching who gets my vote. It is hard to know cast your vote – I had more than 50 candidates in 18 contested races. I was helping my sister-in-law research the Fulton County School Board District 2 seat (I’m in District 7 and voted for Michelle Morancle despite having similar […]

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A new social media platform, promising no ads and no data mining. Sounds cool. Will be looking a bit more at their business model. Snagged a short URL with just my first name. Guess that’s not bad… UPDATE: Appears to be a bit of controversy about the founder – not sure that makes this a

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What happens to energy?

Our sun and source of all almost all of our energyWe learn in physics that matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed – aka the First Law of Thermodynamics. Of course, matter can be converted to energy, as a tiny, tiny bit of matter gets destroyed in the fusion reactions happening inside our sun, with a huge resulting release of energy. Hence, life can exist on our planet 93 million miles away.

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