Note to (no)self

Fake “Facts”

Let Go

I am part of an online group where one of the assignments is a podcast episode Seeing White, Episode 8: Skulls and Skin. This podcast explores the use of scientific facts to support racist ideas. We see too many examples of the distorted use of “facts” to support narrow and harmful perspectives, to “prove” that […]

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God is the fact that the universe exists.

I do not exactly know what the title of this post means, but this thought occurred to me while I was studying the ideas of Spinoza tonight. Spinoza wrote of essences and modes and more complications that probably lose much in translation and post-modern framing of such issues. Spinoza was on the right track, but went wrong when he decided that there is nothing in creation worthy of awe. Anyway…

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The secret

I have yet to learn the secret of people who are able to blog on a regular basis. Could it be that they just have to much time on their hands? (we all get 24 hours each day)… Could it be that they can put their thoughts into words very fast? (yes, most of them).

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