Circle of Love -

A bit mean, yet right on point…

The question before us now is how we will move forward, how we will rebuild collectives for common good, to build a constructive form of American Patriotism.

 A history of our anthropology shows ever growing larger circles of cooperation. This will continue. The question is how fast and at what cost….

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Feeling caught in a fight…

  Feeling caught in a fight, compassion for all sides, amid passions and desires and divisions, trying to be present for all. Fearing that comfort offered to one party will appear as a threat to others. Where did we lose the Love? May we find our way to… …see our blind spots and the pain […]

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Love America, Defend America

How can you say you Love your country if you have disdain for a large portion of your fellow citizens? How can we disagree with someone’s ideas or beliefs without hating who they are as a fellow human being? And what do we do about the disagreements? What if we feel threatened by the political […]

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Buddha statue

Buddha on God

Some say the Buddha never spoke about God. From a non-dualist perspective, he never spoke of anything except God. I found the text below in a file from June 1998. I do not remember the origin, however I’m sure I saved it because I wanted to share it, which I do now: Robert Thurman spoke […]

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