Time, Family, Research, Understanding

Even though the COVID-19 Pandemic has eliminated some activities, such as waiting for the school bus and commuting to work, it is still necessary to make time for important leisure activities. We do family walks almost every day, and we have Friday Family Movie Nights. But even better, I have had time to pursue even […]

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Alexander IV School Third Grade 1968-1969

This is Mrs. Nancy Garrett’s 3rd grade class for 1968-69. I remember a few of these folks from high school, but don’t think I have seen any of them in at least 42 years… Several of my classmates, however, made lasting memories. One of these children beat me up several times. Several showed me kindness […]

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Grandfather Alvin D. Todd

Thirty years ago, April 27, 1988, Alvin D. Todd died. Here’s a history of my grandfather written in 2010 by O’Nell (Todd) Brown: ALVIN TODD 8/6/1902 – 4/27/1988 Starting 1929 as a truck farmer in Gaddistown, Georgia, and marketing about 10 varieties of dahlia tubers, gifts from his mother-in-law, the money from which he paid […]

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Thich Nhat Hanh caligraphy: you are, therefore I am

Blessed Complications of Fatherhood

A Father’s Day Sermon – High Street UU, Macon, GA – June 21, 2015

Thich Nhat Hanh says “You are, therefore I am” – this is not a differentiation, where we draw a line between you and me and declare two separate parts. It is instead a declaration of interbeing, of connectedness.

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An Artist from Kenya

On Thanksgiving of 2014, we had a group of Kenyans over for dinner. Kennedy Mbugua Waireri was one of our guests. He was engaged in the gathering as one of the quieter people there, which was not too much out of the ordinary for him. He was generally a quiet and friendly person. We did […]

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Search for meaning

A Guest Editorial in The GSU Signal – July 27, 1999 Earl A. Daniels  is a Signal staff member, and is majoring in sociology Jacob Houge is dead. The GSU student was visiting friends at the Village. It was raining that Thursday afternoon, June 24. While running from the elevator near the “turnaround” to the […]

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