One year since I “went” to work…

Today marks one year form the last day I went to work in an office. Like most people, it has been a weird year. Starting with a stripped-bare produce section at Aldi (video below ) It has, however, been a better year than the previous one. The year 2019 was my worst year yet. And […]

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Let Go

Fake “Facts”

I am part of an online group where one of the assignments is a podcast episode Seeing White, Episode 8: Skulls and Skin. This podcast explores the use of scientific facts to support racist ideas. We see too many examples of the distorted use of “facts” to support narrow and harmful perspectives, to “prove” that […]

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Thich Nhat Hanh in 1997

Thích Nhất Hạnh’s first online chat, 1997

In 1997, I had been active online for several years and practicing for about two years. I had very little local community in Valdosta, Georgia, yet found some connections online in AOL chat rooms. I had been working on my anger issues and had found much guidance and perspective in  Thích Nhất Hạnh’s book  Peace […]

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Circle of Love -

A bit mean, yet right on point…

The question before us now is how we will move forward, how we will rebuild collectives for common good, to build a constructive form of American Patriotism.

 A history of our anthropology shows ever growing larger circles of cooperation. This will continue. The question is how fast and at what cost….

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Hazzard Hill Cemetery, Waycross, Georgia

A visit to Hazzard Hill

I had a great visit to the Hazzard Hill Cemetery in Waycross, Georgia, on the day before “Independence Day.” I went to find the grave of Della Doe – someone who is a stranger with no close known connection – more on this after I complete my research and documentation. Two gentlemen were very gracious […]

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Definition of a cigarette

From 1895: Definition of a cigarette

“An exchange gives the following definition of a cigarette: A cigarette is a roll of paper, tobacco and drugs, with a small fire at one end and a big fool at the other. Some of the chief enjoyments are condensed night-mares, fits, cancer of the lips and stomach, spinal meningitis, softening of the brain, funeral […]

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Time, Family, Research, Understanding

Even though the COVID-19 Pandemic has eliminated some activities, such as waiting for the school bus and commuting to work, it is still necessary to make time for important leisure activities. We do family walks almost every day, and we have Friday Family Movie Nights. But even better, I have had time to pursue even […]

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A new social media platform, promising no ads and no data mining. Sounds cool. Will be looking a bit more at their business model. Snagged a short URL with just my first name. Guess that’s not bad… UPDATE: Appears to be a bit of controversy about the founder – not sure that makes this a […]

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Alexander IV School Third Grade 1968-1969

This is Mrs. Nancy Garrett’s 3rd grade class for 1968-69. I remember a few of these folks from high school, but don’t think I have seen any of them in at least 42 years… Several of my classmates, however, made lasting memories. One of these children beat me up several times. Several showed me kindness […]

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