A Place of Love

Many pages on this site were imported from a site that started as “Love Trumps Fear” which I started  in response to the divisiveness of the 2016 presidential campaign, even before it was certain who the nominees would be.

It was clear that people were getting afraid of what was unfolding before their eyes. So many sources, and personal  experience, shows that the answer to fear is Love. So, in a not completely loving move, this website was originally “Love Trumps Fear.” It was great when Hillary started saying “love trumps hate.” It was a bit  of vindication, but still not as loving as it could be.

The whole point of this site was to be a  place of Love. So, I renamed it to “A Place of Love” with an expensive domain name of “aPlaceOf.Love” – too expensive just so I could distance myself from my ideas. I didn’t want the site or the posts to be about me, but also, I was afraid of blowback from the web – it can be a cruel place, but my fear (ironically) had me hiding from my own writing and ideas! So, now those articles are merged into my personal web site.

The original site home page

This site is about responding with Love. When injustice is perpetrated, Love responds. When anger manifests, Love reaches out. We must find ways to Love each other, to get past the fears that separate us.

People are angry, suffering, attacking others. This is sad and scary. The anger is often unrecognized fear. Fear of losing one’s security. Fear of change. Fear of being “less than.” Fear that someone else is getting a better deal than you are.

We can stop this by responding from a Place of Love. We must seize this opportunity to have discussions, with Love, over our fears. Join with us and learn more

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