And, we’re off!

Emory Candler School of TheologyFirst day of classes at Candler School of Theology yesterday…! Orientation was really great, including a day of Contextual Education  (aka “hit the ground running”) orientation on Tuesday. We visited our work site, Wesley Woods, and I am looking forward to the challenges of working there. I think this incoming class is a  great  cohort. I’ve been really impressed with their poise, enthusiasm, and spirit. I only occasionally feel older, especially when one of them mentions their age… younger than my daughter!

While I am a bit  apprehensive  about the huge amount of reading to be done, I don’t share the  oft-stated feeling of being already overwhelmed. The information (so far) has come at a  manageable  pace.

It is quite interesting to hear my fellow student who express such confidence in their path. Many state a clear calling to a particular ministry. I don’t share that certainty, and am resting comfortably with that… I am on the right path, even if I don’t have any clear idea of exactly where it is going. I will stay open to the possibilities… possibilities that are going more attractive every day!

Now back to my readings!