A practical reason to Love

Head and Heart togetherReason and Love might seem to have nothing to do with each other, but interestingly enough, anger can be dispelled by being open and curious – i.e. emotion checked by reason.

High emotions (such as Fear) or strong convictions can lead to motivated reasoning – where pre-existing attitudes or beliefs lead to rejecting factual information. 1    This can happen to anyone of any political persuasion. We reach conclusions that support and validate our beliefs and attitudes.

By approaching the world from a place of Love, you are more likely to accept favorable information about a person or situation – you see the good in the situation. Hopefully, coming from a place of Love does not blind you to the negative aspects, but still allows you to have a realistic view. This usually happens with healthy parents. They Love their children and see the good in them, but can also see when their child makes a mistake or has dysfunctional qualities.

Let’s approach the world with healthy, open, curious Love. It’s the only chance we have to dispel the hate in the world

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